A Day Out with a Kings Cross Escort

02 May 2024

The Girlfriend Experience is much more than just cuddling on the sofa and fooling around under the covers… it’s about spending the day together, exploring, taking in the sights and enjoying each other’s company out in the open. And where better to enjoy such an experience than the vibrant, traffic-free oasis of Kings Cross?

So, if you’re planning to meet up with gorgeous Kings Cross escorts, why not make the day of it? Join us at Kings London as we guide you through all the top spots in Kings Cross to make your date even more memorable. Whether you're a foodie, a culture enthusiast, or just in it for the scenic walks, we've got your day planned to perfection. 

Breaking Fast

Ever started your day wishing you could escape the usual? Well, why not kick off your morning with an escort at Caravan King’s Cross?

Nestled in a former grain store, and just a short walk from the King’s Cross station, this trendy spot is the perfect setting for a hearty breakfast. Grab a seat outside for prime people-watching or cosy up inside amidst the buzzing atmosphere. 

Once you’re seated, order up their famous baked eggs – cooked to perfection and packed with flavour! Ooh, and don’t forget to get yourselves a couple of flat whites - after all, what's a morning without a little caffeine kick? 

Romantic Stroll to the Canal

After fueling up and filling your belly, it’s time to walk it off. Our recommendation? Take a leisurely stroll down to the nearby Regent’s Canal.

It’s less than a ten-minute walk, but the change of scenery to peaceful waters and bobbing boats feels worlds away from the city rush. It’s the perfect spot for easy-going chats and a cheeky flirt – who knows what secrets or stories your escort might share?

Lunch at Dishoom

After getting to know your companion on your morning stroll, you might be feeling a little peckish again. Well then, it seems that it’s time for lunch at Dishoom King’s Cross - an all-time favourite for anyone who cravess the flavours of Bombay in London!

This iconic Indian restaurant is both a feast for the palate and a treat for the eyes with its quirky, colonial-era decor. Indulge in a plate of their famous Chicken Berry Britannia, share the house black daal and garlic naan, and don't skip the okra fries – they're a game changer!

Oh, and since it’s now midday, why not treat yourself to a cheeky cocktail or two? The Kokum Milk Punch is a favourite of ours, as is the Chai Punch, the Premier Padmini Negroni, and the… okay, we’ll calm down now. The day is still young, after all.

Show Off Your Sophisticated Side

Feeling refreshed? Great, because it’s time to inject some culture into your day. A quick five-minute walk from Dishoom is all it takes to get you to the British Library.

Now, we get that it might sound a bit too much for a date, but trust us on this one. Gazing at treasures like the Magna Carta or the Beatles' manuscripts with someone special can make history much more thrilling. The two of you can walk hand-in-hand… learning, flirting and conversing in one of the largest libraries in the world.

Quick Coffee Break at Notes

By mid-afternoon, you’ll want a little break… somewhere to sit down and catch your breath.

Swing by Notes Coffe Roaster and Bar, a cosy coffee shop where you can enjoy a smooth espresso, share a sweet treat, and perhaps even enjoy a glass of wine (or two). Maybe chat about the favourite things you've seen so far or plan ahead for the evening, which brings us to…

Evening Bites

As the sun begins to dim, it’s time to crank the romance up to 11.

Head on over to The Midland Grand Dining Room for a romantic dinner, housed in the stunningly beautiful St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. The plush and lavish setting is perfect for a romantic meal, with its gothic arches and sophisticated vibe. Order the roasted cod or go for the grilled monkfish tail, which comes with lobster fregola and pickled fennel. Sounds delicious, right? Almost as tasty as your Kings Cross escort… almost.

If you’re looking to keep it simple yet intimate, Dim Sum Duck is another great venue for a dinner date. This rightly-hyped Cantonese cookery - located right next to Kings Cross Station - is home to the finest and tastiest dumplings, noodles and BBQ meats in the city.

Now for a Nightcap

No need to go far for the next stop. Just a few steps away from the Renaissance Hotel, Booking Office 1869 offers a Victorian-inspired setting that’s ideal for a nightcap, or two, or three. With its dim lighting, historic decor and expertly crafted cocktails, it’s more than the perfect place to flirt and sip in luxury.

Not quite ready to head on back to your room? Then why not enjoy your Kings Cross girl’s company in the elegance of Spiritland? A cafe by day and lively bar by night, this venue is a popular spot for those with a love for live music. Whether you’re sipping cocktails to a bit of jazz, or shaking your hips to the best of reggae, it’s the perfect place to end your night in style.

Farewell Streets… Hello Sheets

Sorry… did we previously say something about ending the night in style? What were we thinking? The night is still young, and there’s plenty more fun to be had in the comfort of your hotel room! 

Whether you choose the lavish St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel right where you dined and drank, or opt for something uniquely modern like The Standard, just a short walk across the street, you're sure to end your night on a high note. The plush interiors, welcoming beds, and perhaps a stunning view of the city skyline are just the cherry on top for a day you'll both remember.

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