Incall or Outcall - Which Is Right For You?

06 May 2024

The location of an escort meet-up plays a crucial role in setting the mood. So, we felt it important not just to cover the basics of incalls and outcalls, but also to list the pros and cons for both so you can choose the one that's most convenient for you. 

The Difference Between Incall and Outcall

You probably already have a vague idea of what incall and outcall are. However, just to be sure, let's start by defining exactly what each is and what sort of locations you can choose within them.

Defining Incall

Incall refers to when an escort invites you to a predetermined location. This is usually their apartment, however, it can sometimes be a hotel of their choosing, a BDSM dungeon or any other kind of space specially set up for your time together.

Defining Outcall

Outcall refers to any time an escort travels to meet you at a location you've chosen. This will usually cost an additional fee (£50 with our girls) to cover the cost and time it takes them to get to your selected location. This is most commonly your residence (house, apartment etc) or a hotel room you've booked for the evening. You can also request an escort to meet you at a pre-approved restaurant, bar, club or event in the local area.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Each?

Now that you know exactly what each booking type is, let's take a closer look at the benefits and disadvantages of both.

Starting with incall: 

Pros of Incall

  • Cheaper - Simply by choosing incall you save the extra £50 you'd have to spend on getting the escort to travel to you. Yes, you will still have to pay your own travel expenses, but you can be sure it will cost you less than £50.
  • More discreet - Travelling out of your area for an escort meet-up also takes you away from the prying eyes of neighbours or anyone in the area who knows you - giving the whole thing an extra layer of discretion!
  • Offers the perfect setting - Our escorts in London are known for having luxury apartments, which often offer an extremely comfortable and well-equipped setting for your time together. You can expect romantic ambience, sultry mood lighting, and even a kinky toy or two thrown into the mix.

Cons of Incall

  • Not as convenient - The obvious downside is that you have to travel to an escort instead of having them come to you. This isn't ideal when you're simply looking for some company after a long day's work and you don't have the desire to want to leave the comfort of your own home.
  • Unfamiliarity with the area - It can be a little unnerving having to travel to a location you've never been before to meet a woman you know little about. This tension may spill into the experience and potentially hamper your overall enjoyment.

Now for outcall:

Pros of Outcall 

  • Familiar Environment: When you’re somewhere you’re familiar with, it’s easy to relax. It’s comforting being in your own space, and when you’re fully at ease you can simply focus on enjoying yourself!
  • No Commuting: To some people, a journey home after an intimate escapade can put a downer on things. With an outcall, you don’t have to leave the confines of your home or hotel room! 
  • Flexibility: You have more control over the timing and duration of your encounter. Whether it's a quick rendezvous during your lunch break or an extended evening of companionship, outcalls allow you to tailor the experience to your schedule and preferences.

Cons of Outcall

  • Privacy and Discretion: When you invite an escort round to your home, you can fall victim to a pesky nosy neighbour. Or even worse, household members may decide to come home early by surprise! This can lead to an awkward and uncomfortable situation that no one wants.
  • Cleaning your apartment: This can be a bit of a hassle before an outcall appointment. You'll likely want to ensure everything is tidy and presentable, adding extra stress to your pre-meeting routine. It can be particularly bothersome if you're pressed for time or not in the mood for cleaning.

Now that you hopefully have a decent idea of which option is best for you, go check out our incall escorts and outcall escorts so you can pick yourself a girl to book!