Wow-Factor Activities In London Your Escort Will Love

07 May 2024

While our London escorts are partial to a classic dinner date, they undoubtedly favour gentlemen who think outside of the box. If you want to be one of those gentlemen and wow her with something exciting and new, this guide is for you. 

In this guide, we’ll be sharing some unique date nights and booking plans that are sure to win a coveted spot in your escort's heart. 

Paint Together at Georgie Mason Art, Stepney

Painting has long been considered one of the most romantic activities a couple can do together. And what’s more, it’s actually been scientifically proven to boost intimacy!

Here are just a few of the ways that art can improve your connection, according to Couply: 

  • Helps communication
  • Reduces stress
  • Fosters quality time

That being said, if you’re an art novice, you may not feel totally confident in whipping out the paint brushes with your escort. That’s where the wonderful Georgie Mason Art studio comes in!

Situated just a stone's throw away from Canary Wharf, they offer couples art classes for all experience levels. Their expert teachers will show you the ropes of creating beautiful art and ensure that you both leave with a masterpiece. 

And to top it off, what better present to give your escort than the painting you created in her company? Trust us, your chosen Kings London model will be swept off of her feet, and cherish your gift forever.

For more ways to spoil your escort, be sure to check out our blog where you’ll find a whole host of unique gift ideas. 

Cahoots, Carnaby

Fancy sharing an evening with a classic beauty in an even-more-classic venue? In this case, a visit to Cahoots is an absolute must. 

Situated in the ‘Swinging Sixties’ hub Carnaby Street (a short walk away from Mayfair), this old-timey venue promises a trip back in time. With vintage decor and ambient lighting, it’s a moody, sexy spot that has a distinctly nostalgic vibe. 

And with one of our models, you’re sure to feel like nothing short of a vintage Hollywood film star! Dressed in their most incredible cocktail dress, they will inspire your imagination, melt away your troubles, and indulge your flirtation over an old-fashioned or two. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Curious who is the best companion for this occasion? Eve is an exceptional choice. Not only is her classic allure undeniable, but she loves nothing more than an exciting night on the town. After a drink or two here, she will undoubtedly guide you into a fun-filled evening of seduction and enhancement in London! 

Chocolate Cocktail and Chocolate Making Workshop, Shoreditch

Chocolate has long been a staple gift amongst couples, but what if we told you that you and your partner could make your very own chocolate treats? Well, at the MyChocolate Cocktail and Chocolate Making Workshop, you can do exactly that!

Here, you and your escort can bond whilst making an assortment of indulgent chocolate treats. From standard chocolates to decadent boozy creations, here, the world is your oyster (or rather, your truffle!).

Swingers City Crazy Golf, West End 

Here, the word ‘Swinger’ takes on a whole new meaning! At Swingers City Crazy Golf, you and your escort can indulge in a little friendly competition, and have a lot of fun whilst you’re doing it. 

You may be of the assumption that this is simply your typical crazy golf course, however, you would be incorrect. This establishment puts an upscale twist on this slightly silly pastime, with beautiful courses and opulent floral decor. 

As you both make your way through the venue, you’ll share endless joyous moments together. And more importantly, leave a lasting imprint on your escorts’ memory. 

We hope that these date night recommendations have given you some inspiration for your upcoming rendezvous.

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